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Tryout Date/Time
Tuesday, June 3 -  Districts 5,6,7, and 8
Wednesday, June 4 - Districts 1,2,3, and 4
9am registration
10am tryouts begin (District 2 tryout time is 1:30 pm, registration at 1:00)

Except for District 2-Northwest Mississippi Community College try out will be at 1:00pm

District 1   Itawamba Community College
Tryout will be at 1:00pm
District 2   Northwest Mississippi Community College- Tryout will be at 1:00pm
District 3   Mississippi Delta Community College
District 4   East Central Community College
District 5   Jones County Community College
District 6   Smith Wills
District 7   Copiah-Lincoln Community College
District 8   D'Iberville High School

Public school athletes must try out in their public school district.  Private school athletes must try out in the nearest public school district.

Entry Fee:
$5 per person to try out.  Give to coach along with waiver!
$125 per player that makes the team, to be brought with them to check in on June 25th at Meridian Community College.

Register at tryout site. 
Parents and athletes MUST sign the State Games Waiver to try out.

18 players and 2 alternates will make the team from each district.  The Finals Tournament will be played at Meridian Community College on June 25-29.  Each player must bring $125 with them on June 25th for Check in at MCC.

MHSAA rules.  College World Series format.

Other Information:
Individual Waivers MUST BE SIGNED by every athlete and legal guardian.  Forms must be turned in at tryout locations.

2015-2016 Public and Private school graduates only!!!

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